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    Stainless steel oil suction hydraulic filter return pipe passing through the filter barrel ultra-precision diesel filter

    Short Description:

    It is used to filter solid particles and metal powder materials in various oil media and effectively control the cleanliness of oil.Many types of filter elements, complete models, such as the fine filter, primary filter, secondary filter, stainless steel mesh long service life!

  • Filtration: 1-100
  • Working Temperature: -20-80℃
  • Replacement or not:Replacement: replacement
  • Product Detail

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    Warm reminder: the accuracy of the filter core is not simply the higher the better, according to your actual oil use condition, reasonable configuration.So don’t just choose high precision!If the choice is not appropriate, easy to cause frequent clogging, cleaning trouble.

    Features of stainless steel filter:

    1. High filtration accuracy, good filtration performance, and the filtration accuracy of 0.5-200 vapor m can be selected

    2. Good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance and wear resistance;

    3. Uniform and accurate filtering accuracy of stainless steel filter core pores;

    4. Stainless steel filter core is applicable to low temperature and high temperature environment;It can be used again after cleaning, without replacement.

    5. The filter core sizes of the series oil filter machines including ZJA\ZJB\ZJC\ZJD -f \ yl-b \ zjd-r etc

    We can also customize the filter elements of different sizes according to customer needs!

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