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    Full automatic backwash filter brush filter full automatic filter

    Short Description:

    Range of application

    1. Central air-conditioning, water chiller, refrigerator;Cooling and freezing circulating water system.

    2. Heating system: hot water circulation system for heating and heating.

    3. Industrial, civil and cooling water;In industrial, civil, process cooling and circulating water system.

    4. Apartment and hotel: life hot water circulation system, catering, laundry room, swimming pool, etc.

    5. Geothermal water system: circulatory system that USES geothermal water for bathing and heating.

  • Model Number: DN400
  • Operating pressure: ≤1.6MPa
  • Working temperature: -25℃-95℃
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    The working principle of

    The whole-process comprehensive water processor is mainly composed of high-quality carbon steel cylinder, special stainless steel net, high-frequency electromagnetic field generator, electric motion sickness generator and sewage discharge device.Through the integrated filter of active iron filter membrane, automatic mechanical filter and corona effect field, the hardness substance and compound scale formed by various water systems under the actual operating conditions are absorbed and concentrated, so as to reduce the concentration and control the dirt and most of the scale.In addition, energy of a specific frequency is transferred to the treated medium — water through a transducer to form electromagnetic polarized water, so that the arrangement sequence among the scale ions is distorted and deformed. When the water temperature rises to a certain extent, the treated water can be restored to its original state after a period of time.At this stage, the probability of scale formation is very low, thus achieving the purpose of controlling scale formation.At the same time, metal ions on the wall of the device are restrained, which has an anticorrosion effect on the non-scale system.In addition, electromagnetic polarized water can effectively kill bacteria, bath, etc., and effectively inhibit the reproduction of microorganisms in water.Therefore, the whole-process comprehensive water processor can complete the comprehensive function of scale prevention, corrosion prevention, sterilization, algae eradication, ultra-clean filtration and water quality control under the normal operation state of the system.

    Technical parameters

    1.Treatment effect

    Corrosion inhibition rate: less than 0.092mm/a, and the corrosion speed of the pipeline is reduced to 1/10 of the original;

    B. Scale resistance and scale removal rate: greater than 95%;

    Yield: 95% or better;

    The rate of algae eradication is greater than or equal to 95%;

    Filtering precision: can be selected according to user requirements.

    2.The water requirements

    Total hardness (CaCO3) : no more than 800mg/L;

    (2). The water temperature: 50 ℃ or less (special circumstances can be customized);

    Flow rate: >1m/s, less than or equal to 2.8m/s.

    3.Working environment parameters

    Pressure: 1.6mpa;

    A. system pressure: greater than or equal to 0.3mpa;

    Isolated working voltage: 220v plus or minus 10%/50Hz;

    . (4) working temperature: 25 ℃ to 95 ℃;

    : 5). The working environment temperature 25 ℃ to 50 ℃;

    6. Relative humidity: < 95% (when the temperature is 25 ℃);

    Output power: 50-1500w.

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