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    10 t single beam crane

    Short Description:

    The main girder of the bridge of single-beam crane is composed of i-section or steel-type combined with steel plate.Hoisting trolley is usually assembled by hand hoist, electric hoist or hoist as lifting mechanism part.

    The main types of electric single beam include LDA type electric single beam crane, LD type electric single beam crane, HD type electric single beam crane, LX type electric single beam suspension crane, SDXQ type manual single beam suspension crane and single beam grab crane.

    Product Detail

    Product Tags

    About the product: please inform the following data, so that we can confirm your requirements faster!

    1.Lifting weight.

    2.Span (from track center to guide center)

    3.Lifting height (hook center ground)

    4.Whether outer suspension is required (please provide the length of outer suspension)

    5.Do you need guide rails and cables?(please provide the running length)

    6.Other special requirements

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